Super strong conical greenhouse

Width - 2.84 yd.

Height - 2.73 yd.

Length - 2,19 yd, 4,37 yd, 6,56 yd, 8,75 yd, 10,94 yd.

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Greenhouse kit pricing

2 m. - $199

4 m. - $279

6 m. - $359

8 m. - $439
Polycarbonate cost is not included in pricing

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The Strelka garden greenhouse has the strongest frame in the world. In winter you may not worry since it does not require maintenance, it is not afraid of snow, and the roof safely withstand 450 kg per square meter. The galvanized frame is made of profile 6 cm wide, thickness of steel is 1 mm. The distance between the arcs is one meter. There are longitudinal and vertical amplifiers of arcs. The warranty on the Strelka greenhouse is two years and lifetime is more than 50 years, so it makes sense to take it with the best polycarbonate, because polycarbonate replacement is costly. The width of 2.6 m is optimal for garden greenhouses, the beds are comfortable to handle. It can be of any length, even non-standard - you simply buy it longer and trim excess. The longer the greenhouse, the more ventilation vents you will need. Strelka is ideal for those who want to buy a long greenhouse. It has 2 doors and 2 vents at the ends of the greenhouse, and as an option you can set very good additional manual or automatic air vents in the roof. Polycarbonate is mounted in a combined way, it is pressed with a galvanized string and in addition, at the bottom, with wide washers and screws. So that the water does not leak from the top, the entire structure is covered with a galvanized ridge. Strelka is sold unassembled. The kit consists of a few packs of frames, fasteners, sealers, and a roll of polycarbonate. A four-meter frame weighs 93 kg, with every extra two meters adding 31 kg. One sheet of good-quality 4 mm polycarbonate weighs 10 kg, with a size of 2.1*6 m. The roll diameter is 70-90 cm, the length is 2.1 m. To cover a four-meter frame, it requires 3 sheets; for a six-meter frame, you will need 4 sheets, etc. One sheet must be cut to make the ends of the greenhouse, other sheets must be cut in half to make the roof and walls.
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